We are making supplements convenient for everyone

We are driven by the dream of providing a service that will revolutionize the healthcare system – From being symptom focused to be more cause focused – Ultimately elevating the human experience through health

Our vision

Welldium’s foundation is build on a dream about “elevating the human experience through health”. We try to make our contribution to a more healthy world by providing an online dispensary for health practitioners and their clients. One of our key objectives is to make it easy for health practitioners to find and recommend high quality supplements, and easy for the client to buy the recommended supplements with one click. With the right supplements, counseling and tracking, the clients can easilier achieve their health goals.


Meet the team

We are a small but experienced team with the same big passion for elevating the human experience.

We all have a common interest in a healthy and active lifestyle and we are always on the lookout for new technologies and research for improving our well-being.

That is why we go for office runs each Monday and try to make our office days as varied and active as possible.

Tina Randrup

Growth & Partnerships

Lena Kotlev

Supply Chain

Boomer Anderson

Strategic Advisor

Luisa Silva

Finance & Operations

Anders Mikuta


Mads Friis

Strategic Advisor

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