Can you make a living doing functional medicine client work? That is what many new and aspiring functional medicine practitioners have asked Shay Klomp Bueters. From the title of this blog post, you can probably guess that it is indeed possible. 

Shay Klomp Bueters

Shay graduated from the University of Montana with a BSc. in Health and Human performance, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the School of Applied Functional Medicine. She is based in the Netherlands and has been working as a Functional Medicine Consultant for nearly four years. Learn more about Shay on her website here.

4 key insights to build a successful practice

Shay highlights four key insights to build a successful practice with a full waiting list in order to make a living as a functional medicine practitioner:

1. Getting in front of your ideal clients

We all know that we need to go out and promote ourselves and our practice to attract potential clients. However, how do you get started? 

“Pick 2-3 areas that work the best for YOU and your unique personality. It has to give you energy and attract your type of clients.” 

Shay Klomp Bueters

Shay has outlined these 12 online and offline marketing channels to raise awareness of yourself and your practice:

12 offline and online marketing channels for healthcare practitioners

12 marketing channels for functional medicine practitioners

Shay places emphasis on choosing 2-3 areas that work for YOU and your unique personality. It has to give you energy and attract your ideal client(s). She is very outgoing and loves to interact with people and therefore started engaging with in-person marketing channels. Listen to the webinar here to learn more about her channels. Today, she is fully booked with a waiting list and therefore is less focused on marketing and more on fully supporting her clients.

2. Networking with like-minded practitioners

It can indeed be lonely starting your own practice and working alone with a small client base. Shay recommends connecting and networking with like-minded practitioners in your community to foster knowledge-sharing and client referrals. Shay has listed 8 examples of like-minded practitioners that you could connect with.

Learn more about Welldium’s referral feature here


    8 like-minded practitioners

    3. Confidence gained with Functional Medicine Training

    When Shay has faced doubt in her ability to fully support her clients in providing tangible results, her practice transformed via the rigorous educational learnings from The School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM). SAFM’s Functional Medicine Training Program, is a comprehensive program that teaches root-cause resolution of disease in the body while providing unique deep dive opportunities into many different areas, including quality supplement brands along with open coaching calls, where a chosen student walks through their own unique client case study, as a hands-on learning opportunity for the full student body.  

    Learn more about functional medicine education here

    4. Creating wildly satisfied clients

    According to Shay, testimonials and case studies are crucial to build trust with potential clients and enhance your website. When potential clients have contacted her, she has always referred them to the case studies on her website that have helped the potential clients gain insight into what can be supported via the Functional Medicine Lens and gain trust in her abilities. This has created a positive cycle for her, where the client case studies clearly show the reduced signs and symptoms in getting to the root cause, which in turn attracts more clients and helps to grow a full waiting list.

    Functional Practitioner cycle

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