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Here you can find answers to the most common questions asked by our users. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions not answered on this page.


1. How does the platform work?

Welldium aggregates high-quality supplements from well-known brands around the world and makes them accessible in a single place for  health practitioners and their patients. Via Welldium, you as a practitioner can search, find, select and recommend your preferred high-quality supplements to your patients. When your patient has received your recommendation via a secured link, your patient can order your recommended supplements directly from the recommendation, where the patient will receive the order within a few days. Read more here.

2. Who is behind welldium?

We are a small but experienced team with the same big passion for elevating the human experience through health. We are based in Denmark, but we have an outreach to all Europe 

Our backgrounds range widely from engineers to biohackers to practitioners, but with a common interest in a healthy and active lifestyle, where we are always on the lookout for new technologies and research for improving our well-being. 

That is why we go for office runs each Monday and try to make our office days as varied and active as possible. Read more about us here.

3. What can Welldium help me with?

At Welldium we optimize the  supplement recommendation process both for you as a practitioner, but especially also for your patients. We want to make supplements convenient for all by collecting all the high-quality supplements in one place. Typical benefits our users get by using our platform, are:

  1. Eliminating time used on inventory and vendor management
  2. Eliminating time used on sending links to websites with supplements to patients
  3. Collecting all supplement recommendations in one single place
  4. Making it easy to set up standard protocols
  5. Increasing the chances that the patients are buying the recommended supplements
  6. Eliminating the chances that the patients are misled to buy other supplements
  7. Increasing the overall experience of the patient
  8. Making a large catalog with high quality supplements accessible with great opportunity for discount for the patients

4. What brands/supplements can I access using welldium?

At Welldium we are constantly working on creating new partnerships with well-known and high-quality supplement brands. With an account at Welldium, you will currently, have access to a large range of brands and product – You can find the brands here.

5. Why can I not see some brands in the shop that you are advertising on your website?

Some products we are selling have country restrictions, so you are not able to see them on the platform if you are located in a specific country with the restrictions. The country restrictions are made because in some countries in Europe all supplements sold in the country need to be registered by brand and product name.

If you are missing a product, feel free to contact us on [email protected], and we will do what we can to meet your demand or find an alternative.

6. Who can use welldium?

Welldium is an exclusive platform for  practitioners working with health, nutrition and functional medicine. The typical users of our platform are dietists, medical doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners, nutrition therapists, kinesiologists, nutritionists, health advisors, etc.

7. How do I create a recommendation?

You have 2 different options to create a recommendation:

  1. Navigate to ‘RECOMMENDATIONS’ in the top menu. This will take you to an overview of all your recommendations. Click ‘Create Recommendation’ which will trigger the recommendation creation process. The first step will be to name your recommendation. We recommend you to name your recommendation as a patient name or a protocol name for an easy recommendations’ management. When ready with the name selection select ‘Create List’ button. Your list is now ready and you can start adding recommended products.
  2. Find a product, you want to recommend, in ‘SHOP’ in the top menu, and click ‘Add to a recommendation’ below the product. A popup will appear which will allow you to select a recommendation list or create new. From the dropdown menu, you can select ‘create new’, whereafter you are asked to name the recommendation. 

If you want to add a product to an already created recommendation, you can just follow option 2 above, and just select your already created recommendation in the dropdown menu, when you click ‘Add to a recommendation’ below a product. 

8. Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, there is no minimum order quantity. At Welldium we understand that each week can be different for a practitioner and therefore we want to accommodate this through our platform. 

9. How do I earn my commission?

When you have created an account as a practitioner, you will be able to adjust your patient discount and your own commission to your needs. If you decide to receive a commission, you will receive it based on your patient’s order. You are able to see the commission you have collected in “My Account” on your user. The amount of commission  will be updated within 24 hours after your patient’s order.

10. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, just click ‘login’ and click ‘Forgot your password?’ below the login button. Hereafter, you will be asked to enter your email where you will receive further instructions about resetting  your password.

11. How does delivery work?

When your patient has ordered via Welldium, the patient will receive an email confirming that we have received the order. As soon as we have received the order, we start the product handling process and make the order ready for delivery.

We are shipping with GLS or PostNord to all Europe and within 2-8 week days your patient will receive the order directly to their doorstep or nearest GLS Package Shop, depending on the patient’s selection in the checkout. Read more about shipping here.

12. Is it legal to get commission and then still recommend supplements?

Under normal circumstances, you are allowed to recommend supplements to your patients, and also recommend supplements by brand and product name with or without you getting commission from the sale. 

What you need to be aware of is what you are saying about the supplements regarding health & nutrition claims (read FAQ 13 “What am I allowed to say about supplements?”) and that you need to inform your patient about your partnership with the company you receive commission from, e.g. Welldium or a supplement brand or that you have an economic benefit from the supplement sale to your patient. 

Be aware that other rules can apply for homeopathic & herbal medicine.

You should only consider the above as guidelines and Welldium will never be liable for your violations of the law. If you are in doubt, we recommend you to contact your local attorney.

13. What am I allowed to say about supplements?

As a practitioner, you must pay particular attention to the fact that the rules of health & nutrition claims apply to all your work as a health practitioner, where you receive financial compensation from your patient – Whether you recommend general or specific supplements to your patient or provide general advices within nutrition and health.

Common to permissible nutrition and health claims is that they must address a beneficial nutritional or physiological effect documented with widely accepted scientific evidence. In addition, the claim must be approved by the EU Register of Nutrition and Health Claims, as you can find here.


It is difficult to give a simple conclusion on what is allowed and what is not allowed to claim, but here you can find some examples of health and nutrition claims you can use as guidelines:

NOT allowed claims:

Allowed claims:

Vitamin C can cure COVID-19

Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of an immune system

​Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of normal teeth

Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of healthy teeth

If niacin is not consumed, you will not achieve a normal energy metabolism

Niacin helps support a normal energy metabolism

Iron increases learning at children

Iron contributes to normal cognitive development at children

Apply a substance in a diet supplement where the amount is so small that it has no nutritional or physiological effect

In general, the substance should be in such a quantity that the dietary supplement has the nutritional or physiological effect claimed

Plant sterols develop immunity to coronary heart disease

Plant sterols have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels. A high cholesterol level is a risk factor in developing coronary heart disease

​Magnesium is necessary for normal muscle function

​Magnesium contributes to a normal muscle function

You should only consider the above as guidelines and Welldium will never be liable for your violations of the law. If you are in doubt, we recommend you to contact your local attorney.


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