Are you already a registered practitioner recommending supplements to your patients? Are you happy with Welldium and want to give a bonus to your colleague? 

We got you! 

By participating in our referral program you have the chance to refer other practitioners that might be interested in using Welldium and give a bonus of 25€ to your referee.. You will receive the same bonus after the new practitioner has made a first order.

Help us spread the word and earn 25€ / 185 DKK for every successful referral. Your referee will receive the same amount after a first order has been made.  

“Welldium is really my “dream-come-true” solution, both for my practice and my patients.” 

Dr. Eva-Maria Hasenbeck

It goes as easy as this:

  1. Reach out to practitioners you know.
  2. If your colleague is interested, they can register here:
  3. All the new practitioner has to do is to add your name in the field “Name of Referral” when registering for Welldium
  4. We transfer the bonus to your & your colleagues’ account as soon as a first order has been made.

Wondering how other practitioners refer colleagues? We have collected a few examples to get you started below:

  • Directly reach out to practitioners you know personally
  • Post in a relevant practitioner Facebook group
  • Send an email to practitioners you know from their education

“I really like using Welldium as there is a good selection of quality supplements that can be ordered or recommended for clients.”


Christine Kjeldbjerg